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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Second Lawsuit on Cathie Black Critics hopeful her appointment blocked

Capitol Tonight reporter Liz benjamin announced Cathie Black lawsuit No. 2. Attorneys Norman Siegel and Herbert Teitelbaum submit 2nd lawsuit on behalf of fourteen parents and Assemblyman Hakim  Jeffries a critic of the embattled Chancellor possibly not-to be  Cathie Black submitted to NYS Supreme Court.  It is the 2nd lawsuit challenging her qualifications for job. Here is  the Petitioners' Memorandum of Law in support of their application for Judgement Pursuant to Article 78 and the Verified Petition.
Still, in the first lawsuit attorney Eric Snyder also takes issue with the qualifications of Cathie Black. Yet the lawsuits don't cite the procedural violations in the decision of Commissioner Steiner to accept the application from Mayor Bloomberg instead of the board of education or the Panel for Education Policy in the first place.


  1. This comment was posted on the NYT - there are now three lawsuits against the Cathie Black waiver (and the one not widely mentioned in the media is at the South Bronx schools blog) --
    0. December 9, 2010 4:08 pm Link

    The 3 lawsuits against Cathie Black in Albany, all have verifiable Court Index#. Feel free to check & verify them with the Court personnel.

    Actually the suit by Norman Siegel is the 3rd lawsuit, but their Parent group talk to the media the most, so giving people false impression that they were the 2nd lawsuit brought on.

    Filed on Dec 3, 2010 by attorney Eric J Snyder. Index#: 008112-2010 in Albany. Eric J Snyder vs. NYS Board of Regents

    Filed on Dec 6, 2010 by attorney Roger Wareham. Index#: 008163-2010 in Albany. Coss vs. NY Board of Regents

    Filed on Dec 7, 2010 by attorney Norman Siegel. Index#: 008212-2010 in Albany. Hakeem Jeffries vs. David Steiner
    — Anna Silva

  2. Maria, I still hope you choose to file an EEOC complaint. I think the very thought of anyone doing that is upsetting Bloomberg. And, that is one reason the Geoffrey Canada matter came up after I made a long comment on a recent NYT thread as flcertifiedteacher. Also, here is the other reason Bloomberg is now pointing at Canada, and why Cathie Black is differing from Bloomberg (see my comment below).

    Re: my long comment towards the end of this thread --

    And, what happened next:

    and then:

    Well, well, well. Not a surprise at all to me.

    Let's see if I can attempt an accurate translation here of what is actually transpiring:

    1) Yesterday I publicly briefly described and alleged criminal conduct of a financial nature which is taking place in a public school district located in Naples, Florida in the Collier County Public School District; I also stated a woman I know is planning to file an EEOC discrimination complaint as she is not white and does not need a waiver and currently works for NYC DOE.

    2) Immediately after my long comment about the criminal conduct, Bloomberg apparently had his aides contact the NYT to claim that a) a black educator was offered the job (as if to say no discrimination exists), and b) that black educator was Bloomberg's first pick for the job (as if to say, not Cathie Black, who is in fact the corporate version of a mirror image of the unlicensed non-educator military superintendent in FL).

    3) The black educator's response according to the NYT was to "neither confirm nor deny" that he had been offered the job first.

    4) Cathie Black's response according to the NYT is that she was the first choice of Bloomberg.

    So, here is what I think actually happened here:
    (see my next comment here)

  3. So, here is what I think actually happened here:


    Perhaps King Bloomberg read my comments on the NYT and immediately sought to distance himself from both the impression he discriminated, and, from any connection to the on-going criminal conduct I alleged in Naples, FL.

    But, his effort backfired. Because while his black educator friend kept mum, Cathie Black did not. (I am assuming Cathie Black read the NYT thread, too.)

    I think Cathie Black is telling the truth -- Bloomberg told her she was his first choice.

    And I think Bloomberg and Mr. Canada, the black educator, probably did have a conversation, but Bloomberg did not offer him any job.

    What actually is happening, in my view, is this:

    Bloomberg was asked to do a favor for some very close, high powered pals of his, one from Florida and one who lives in Maine.

    And, so, Bloomberg did the favor: oust Joel Klein by sticking Klein into a job at pal Murdoch's News Corp, AND, insert a mirror image of the unlicensed, non-educator military guy into the job of NYC schools chief.

    That way, all the criminal conduct that has gone on for 15 years in that school district in FL by not one but now two unlicensed, non-educator military guys, can be seen as not so criminal since Cathie Black is just like them, only in a corporate and not military way.

    But, here is my message to King Bloomberg, and I say this only after much careful thought and deliberation, and, I must add, with sadness:

    Dear King Bloomberg,

    Perhaps you thought you were just doing yet another favor for your high powered pals from Maine and Florida when they begged you recently to do this favor for them.

    But, I think what you did is join a conspiracy with them.

    And, that conspiracy's purpose is to: obstruct justice.

    Because if Cathie Black gets a waiver, then what the frauds down in Florida have done may not look so criminal after all, since they all have the same background:
    no background in education, no license at all, and well, it's not so bad for the FL military fellows if it's "legal" for a corporate lady. Anything wrong that happened was just a “mistake” and not “fraud” and not criminal.

    However, there is a lot of crime that has gone on and continues to go on.

    And I think: you are in fact obstructing it.

    What you are doing is not a "favor" for your pals, but it is called, in Florida, a 3rd degree felony. (Yes, really.)

    Its purpose is to obstruct justice. And, the way a person commits this 3rd degree felony (which I have linked to below) can be like this:

    1) Make an illegitimate request for a legal document. (For example, ask for a waiver for Cathie Black when in fact there was no opening for a schools head job, since Joel Klein never actually sought nor looked for any job anywhere, including News Corp.)_

    2) Simulate service of that notice. (Like when you pretended you can be the one to request this unneeded waiver instead of the NYC Dept of Ed, which is suppose to request the waiver).

    3) Pressure a public official (like you pressured NYS Ed Commish Steiner).

    4) Act under color of law (everything you are doing in this matter you are pretending is legal when you know it is not legal).

    And that way, justice can be obstructed in OTHER matters. (Like the stuff going on in Florida which I think is in fact criminal and being directed by your pals from FL and Maine.)


  4. (continued from above)

    I really think you and your two buddies from Florida and Maine should be in jail. I am sorry. And sad for you because maybe you thought: this is just another favor for them.

    But, “jail” is where the Little People would be right now.

    (one of the Little People)

    PS Here is the 3rd degree felony I am talking about, and by the way, your two pals from FL and Maine have 25 years of experience violating this law, as they have violated it over a dozen times to my personal knowledge (and I believe I could evidence that allegation even to this day):

    Obstructing Justice

    Florida Statutes 843.0855 - Criminal actions under color of law or through use of simulated legal process

    BTW, King Bloomberg, here is what I have to say to you and all your demand that a search for a schools chief has to be a “secret” –

    “The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure,
    when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”

    Patrick Henry

  5. NY Magazine has it right (and is condensing everything I said above in their headline, as they don't know the reason for his "lies" -- but I think I am correct in my translation of his lies, as I explained above):

    Mayor Bloomberg Caught in Web of Lies

    Photo: Patrick McMullan

    According to the Times, Mayor Bloomberg initially offered the schools chancellor position to famed Harlem Children's Zone founder Geoffrey Canada before he turned to Hearst president Cathie Black. But guess what he told Black when he was wooing her for the position. "What he said to me is, 'You're the first person I've offered this job to,’" Black said on Good Morning America today. "That's all I can tell you. That's what he said." Awkward. [NY1]


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