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Monday, December 6, 2010

Michelle Rhee back again

Former Chancellor of the Washington, D.C., Michelle Rhee is flexing her muscle again, leading a newly created political advocacy group Students First. She hopes to raise $1 Billion to promote "transformative reform" in education by supporting laws , politicians, school board candidates, and members of   Congress, hoping to cash in on new changes in campaign finance laws that would allow billionaire philanthropist to pay for her advertisement bills as long as the public ignores the scandal involving her fiance former NBA star Kevin Johnson. Okay, so she doesn't have a squeaky clean background and allegedly covers up things for her long distant beau, but she's Michelle Rhee allowed some dalliances with public education. She worked two years at the Harlem Park Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland an inner city school where she taped the mouths shut of her black 3rd grade students as she led them to the cafeteria in silence. When the children approached the cafeteria  they  started to pull the tape off their lips along with pieces of flesh as  blood oozed out.
"Yo", I'm not attempting to denigrate the  queen of privatizing public education here she conveyed this story herself to fresh recruits into the Teach for America program that launched her own career in 1996. After teaching two solid years she founded a special program soliciting corporate sponsorship, the New Teacher's Project that provided studies to the Chicago Public Schools on how to recruit the best teachers to inner-city schools. Former D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty  who Billionaire Bill Gates supported lost his re-election bid in November while simultaneously the scandal about Rhee's long distance beau erupted in the pages of the national media along with the child abuse stories. So when the rumors circulated throughout the district about the shady personal life and early public school career of the controversial chancellor she resigned though  her beau's sex scandal and reports of child abuse helped to end her career as a school leader. It is unclear if Ms. Rhee is able to work in a school system due to the child abuse cases later lodged against her when she admitted to taping the mouths of poor black children. So that's why she found another way to rake in money from philanthropist as she has been doing since her early days in the New Teacher's Project.
On the StudentsFirst website and blog it cites, "Right now, teachers all over the country are losing their jobs not because of what they do every day in their classrooms, but because they are newer to a district than others," and they call it "bad educational policies." And one "issue she would tackle, she said, was the practice of laying off teachers, according to their contracts, by seniority rather than classroom effectiveness in the NYTimes story of her "come back." 
She is unfit to be around children yet wants to be the mouth piece of the powerful school privatizing groups paying her the quarter million dollar salary she had grown  accustomed to earning once again pimping herself out for them touted as a big "come back" in the media.
 How else is she going to pay for her extravagant wedding in California to the scandal ridden NBA beau with  President Obama his best man, an aficionado of basketball while U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan chauffeurs the presidential limousine.
Due to bad education policies, great teachers are losing their jobs |


  1. What will be the slogan for "Students First" (Michelle Rhee's new advocacy group). Will it be:

    "Masking tape (or DUCK TAPE) for EVERY student's mouth!"

    Also -- who's Michelle Rhee's assistant in her new advocacy group? I'm guessing it's this teacher below:,0,1856922.story

    Teacher Suspended After Allegations of Duct Taping Student's Mouth Shut

    Megan Cloherty, edited by Jason Vaughn

    9:32 p.m. CDT, August 27, 2010

    The Missouri Department of Social Services is investigating allegations that a first-grade teacher duct-taped a 6-year-old student's mouth shut in the classroom.

    "He's scared to go back to school," said Nicholas Ellison, who says that his girlfriend's son, Logan, had a good first day of school at the Della Lamb Charter School. But he says that the second day was a disaster.

    "The teacher decided to take it upon himself to take a roll of duct tape and tape his mouth shut and made him wear the duct tape all through class," said Ellison. "One of the teachers helped him take it off his mouth after the teacher said it was unsafe, you shouldn't have it on your mouth, and they helped him take it off. He said Mr. Sterling put it on because he was talking."

    Judy Akers of the Della Lamb Charter School says that Logan's teacher, Mike Sterling, was sent home at first word of the accusation and is suspended until the investigation is complete.

    "Obviously the rights of the kids supersede anything," said Akers. "(But) we cant just go in and terminate somebody immediately until we know exactly what happened."

    The school expects the investigation to wrap up within the next few weeks, but while the school looks into the incident, Ellison's says that his concern compelled him to remove two kids from the school.

    The Missouri Department of Social Services is visiting with the family and school on Monday to decide if further action needs to be taken. Ellison said Logan has a history of seizures and the school has that information on file. He says its another reason Logan's mouth should not be covered.

    "I think its abuse, neglect, endangering a child's safety and if he was walking down the hall and tripped, how could he scream for help, he can't," said Ellison. "Somebody could have grabbed him in school. He couldn't call for help."

  2. Thanks for sharing. Your guess is a good one. There is a comment section on her new website on this blog. Leave a comment and recommend him for the job. I wouldn't be surprised if her salary is $500,000 in her new job. Covering up a sex scandal, child abuse allegations is this the leader and role model the proponents of the public school privatizing movement parade in front of us and students that we all should emulate? I would call it the public school pimps like Rhee who is the spokesperson for the likes of Gates, Bloomberg, Murdock and all those profiting from public education today to earn windfall federal market tax credits for investing in projects in underserved communities the pet projects charter schools. Murdock invested $5 million on a new charter high school part of the Harlem Villiage Academies on whose board of directors he serves. Interestingly, Cathie Black the new Chancellor of the NYC Schools miraculously appears as a board member for the first time in July this summer as Joel Klein leaves to work for Rupert Murdock. If you connect all the dots here following the money beomes easier.


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Whitney Tilson (3rd background)
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