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Friday, April 4, 2014

Judy Elliott, building based budgeting and more...

Judy Elliott, distinguished educator, commented "this is not a safe environment for people to speak their truths" in her presentation to the Buffalo Board of Education at the meeting on March 26.

Still too many schools continue on the State Ed list of failing schools, while more has to be done about the "focus " schools to prevent them from becoming "priority." Elliott told the School Board the district has enough of its own data to do something about improving the failing schools and don't need to wait upon State Ed for more data.

Interestingly,  other comments from the public on the Buffalo News School Zone blog concerned the new district policy of school based budgeting.

For example, "Re: Title I .. The expectation is that Title I funds will be bumped 2% in the Federal 2015 budget (per U.S. Dep't of Ed's website) .. NY's share should for next school year should remain flat, but still consistent with funds that have been recv'd each of the past 3 years. 
Yet, Dr. Brown's school -based budget program is cutting discretionary Title I funding by half, resulting in cuts in reading teachers, guidance counselors, etc. These people are essential and there is no logical explanation as to why this is happening--state funding doesn't affect Title I.. Sandra, I looked forward to the BN looking into this issue."

Here is another comment on the blog on this topic.
 "Along the lines of Title I funds... "building based budgeting" is hurting some of the neediest schools. It all sounds great, as though schools get to decide how to spend money, but it distances central office from any responsibility to provide services fairly."

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Whitney Tilson (3rd background)

Whitney Tilson (3rd background)
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