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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Buffalo Public Schools scandal brewing

Buffalo Public Schools trending downward a scandal brewing behind the appointments Superintendent Pamela C. Brown made to her leadership team in October.

Buffalo News reported yesterday two of her most senior top administrators and cabinet members aren't properly certified and don't hold the professional administrative experience to have been appointed to their  positions. How is Superintendent Brown moving the district forward with what appears as a leadership team made up of charlatans many of the comments in the News report allege?

Park District school board member Carl Paladino divulged the information in a memo gone viral and appearing in the Buffalo Rising news blog on the Internet. He named   it "Collusion and Conspiracy"
and has called for a criminal investigation.

Also, an official at the State Education Department, Albany when contacted chimed in to say:
"The failure of these two administrators, and of the district, to secure the proper certification means that the district could be held liable for any decisions made by Williams or Alexander on a daily basis, according to Education Department spokesman Tom Dunn." And “A district necessarily incurs liability in such situations,” he said.

What adds to the Shenanigans is the response of the Director of Human Resources now called "Chief of Talent Management" ironically, Darren Brown, appointed to his post by former interim Superintendent Amber Dixon.

Darren Brown, in the BN article said “I should have followed up on this.” 
"He also said that while the district could face liability issues until Williams and Alexander are properly certified, both administrators work in collaboration with the superintendent and other administrators who do possess the proper certification, so district exposure should be limited."

Incredible! The Buffalo Public Schools loss credibility not only because of this shoddy leadership team, but has a "Chief of Talent Management" who doesn't know how to do his own job primarily helping the superintendent appoint "talent" to her leadership team. 

Is this why the Buffalo Public Schools are failing? Some say too many at the top and in school buildings that don't know what they are doing and skimming top $$$ from a school district with a $50 million budget deficit !

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  1. All leaders need to be held accountable for their actions, if in fact this is true. A thorough investigation needs and should take place. Enough is enough with individuals holding high ranking positions all in the name of education.


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Whitney Tilson (3rd background)
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