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Friday, September 20, 2013

Lorey Schultz newest Buffalo public schools chief of public relations

Lorey Schultz newly appointed Chief of Public Relations for the Buffalo Schools  two years ago lived in Eggertsville, when Mayor Brown appointed her to his communications staff. A disgruntled citizen complained to the Fiscal Control Board contended  the appointment was politically motivated, the salary too high and wonder if she was going to give up her suburban residence for a phantom apartment in Buffalo though it appeared she sold the house in May the following year.

A Buffalo news story  said Superintendent Pamela C. Brown appointed Schultz  because  she " became convinced that the district needed more resources in community relations because of the volume of requests she gets to speak and respond to the community, Guinn said. “She gets multiple requests on the same day, at the same time, for many, many media and community outreach activities,” Guinn said.

Dr. Mary Guinn is the consultant hired last spring as an interim deputy superintendent brought here by Say Yes another consultant company the Buffalo Board of Education hired to conduct the superintendent search one year ago.

And Carl Paladino Park District School Board member has criticized the hiring of Dr. Guinn and her reorganization work in the district. Her salary at $179, 000, has been questioned as well though initially paid for  by Say Yes and foundation money, it is now coming from a state grant.

Although, Guinn was supposed to have left last June, she is still here, while Paladino complained at last school board meetintg that he had been informed she is supervising central office administrators though Superintendent Brown defended her consultant work for the district described her as a "coach" not a supervisor.  On Tuesday Dr. Guinn accompanied Superintendent Brown to the lecture Dr. Pedro Noguera presented at Westminster Charter School both  leaving later in the district chauffeur car.

Several school board members have criticized the appointment of Schultz to the newly appointed Chief of public relations asking why the position is needed in the first place since there already is a staff in central office  Elena  Cala Buscarino assigned this role.

Others question why Lorey Schultz hired when the public relations office in the central office in  City Hall if it needed another staff member perhaps it would have been more appropriate to appoint somebody who better reflects the demographic make up of the students and community not a former anchor who until one year ago was  a resident of Amherst.

Schultz was the assistant director of communications and marketing in the communications office in the Buffalo City Hall who previouy she worked for 17 years as a reporter at WIVB-TV Channel 4.

Mike Blake's Unbalanced Opinions: Letter to the Control Board re: Lorey Schultz hiring

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