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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Transfers and appointments of buffalo schools administrators: What's going on behind closed doors?

The Buffalo Board of Education  met for the last scheduled meeting Wednesday evening.  Issues ranged from attendance in the summer Extended Learning Opportunity Program  (ELOP), attendance teachers, neighborhood schools to a lengthy presentation from the District Parent Coordinating Council (DPCC) about their funding source, alleging it should come from the general funds not the grants.  They asked why the board switched from using the turnaround model at the persistently lowest-achieving (PLA) schools to the educational partnership organization (EPO) one.  
Yet, the executive sessions  primarily about the appointment and transfers of administrators in the Buffalo Public Schools were done behind closed doors.
Carl Paladino present at the meeting challenged the policy saying to Board members, "You're kicking me out for executive session, and I gave you the law on it. You're breaking the law."
During the Board meeting last August the Board approved transfers but this year it was a hush-hush process about the administrative shifting  in the district.
School Board President Lou Petrucci said it was the prerogative of Superintendent James Williams this year, according to Buffalo News blogger Mary Pasciak. The Board only approves and votes on any new appointments but has little influence on these transfers though the schools where these administrators appointed to either meet district benchmarks or fall further behind.
Administrators have complained themselves about the gestapo like tactics and maneuvers used in the appointment and transfer proces. That's why a school board member was quoted in the Buffalo News today calling these decisions as: 
"...a terrible Buffalo Public Schools practice for decades and a core reason why we are in our present state” when he saw the name of a principal on the list transferred to another school.
And it's unclear whether the Board voted on the subject of transfer of administrators at the Wednesday meeting, and Buffalo News blogger Mary Pasciak on the live chat admitted she did not have all the information about the transfers in her packets though the board went into executive session twice when a board member had a question about a transfer. After the executive session he said:
"I want to be on record that I am in opposition to the appointment of the new principal at Lydia T. Wright."
Yet, if these transfers are a terrible practice and it is a "core reason why we are in our present state" as one school board member alleged then why continue it?  And since the State Board of Regents introduced a new principal and teacher effectiveness evaluation system shouldn't the district have a new process in place consistent with these changes at the state level?
Another Board member had commented sometime ago that the district is paying high salaries to many people who don't know what they are doing.
"I don't know how we're going to turn the district around if we don't have the right people in the right places," said board member Mary Ruth Kapsiak, herself a retired district administrator. "I just feel we're paying an awful lot of money for people not to know what they're doing."
Unless something changes as one School Board member commented, "it's a terrible Buffalo Public Schools practice for decades and the core reason why  we are in our present state."

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  1. Board meeting in August last year, the Board approved the transfer, but this year, this is a secret the administrative transfer process.

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