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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Deputy superintendent Oladele resigning

There seems to be a shake up of a sorts in the upper echelon of the Buffalo Public Schools with the recent announcement of Superintendent James A. Williams retiring last week. This followed tonight by the  resignation of deputy superintendent Dr. Folasade Oladele as reported in the School Zone blog
And the top human resources director resigned last month amid the scandal involving the superintendent hiring of the exempt employees , a few not meeting the requirements of the job postings. Board President Ralph Hernandez at the Wednesday School Board meeting motioned to accept the resignation of  Deputy Superintendent Oladele. Three board members voted no because they had disagreed with the package she received that included one year's salary at $168,000 and benefits.
If you recall Buffalo News blogger Mary Pasciak had written an article in April about the name of Oladele surfacing as an applicant for  Cleveland superintendent of schools  in Ohio. That news did not sit well with a few board members particularly since Dr. Oladele was responsible for overseeing the turnaround plans at the persistently lowest-achieving schools in the district (PLA). Board member at-large John Licata called it   
"... we're seeing the beginning of an exodus [of administrators] based on a number of factors,... "One is the transparency that is being forced upon the administration."
In March another Buffalo News story disclosed that Dr. Oladele and a few other administrators  had been earning supplemental income from the district Leadership Academy during school time without Board knowledge. Hence, over a two year period Dr. Oladele earned $19,000 in addition to her $169,000 salary. And in a May 29, Buffalo News story,  discussing a possible successor to Williams when he retires next year, Dr. Oladele's name seemed to have been ruled out because:
"some board members privately express concern that Oladele doesn't represent a strong enough break with the Williams administration to bring about the wholesale change they believe is needed."
Shortly after Williams appointed superintendent of the Buffalo School on July 2005, he appointed Dr. Oladele as chief academic administrator. And two years later he again appointed her to another post as deputy superintendent increasing her salary $39,000 while district employees suffered a wage freeze. The change in title indicated Oladele was being groomed to succeed Williams but that is not happening now after her resignation.  It is not known if she stepped down already or on a future date though rumored she has been out and about in other places out of town such as her home town of Kentucky.

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Whitney Tilson (3rd background)
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